What Is a 12 Month Short Term Car Lease

The 12 month short term car lease is also known as a 1 year car lease. This refers to the length of the car lease. This length of an auto lease is not common and many manufacturers will not offer a 12 month lease; however, there are exceptions. Typical car leases are at least 24 months.

I recommend that you call multiple dealerships to get a consistent answer whether you can get a 12 month lease. Again, do not be surprised if you find that 12 month car leases are not offered.

If you find that the dealership offers a 12 month lease, then consider yourself lucky. Here are alternative solutions to a short term 12 month car lease:

  • Lease takeover – these are getting more and more popular to take over someone else’s lease.
  • Buy a used car – if you originally ruled out the option of buying a used car, then it is time to reconsider. My recommendation is to look into used car that have good resale value such as a Honda or Toyota. The reason is because of the good resale value should you want to resell the car and because of its reliability.

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