What Is Car Lease Early Termination

A car lease early termination is also known as breaking a car lease. When you intend to get out of your car lease early before the agreed upon car lease agreement contract end date, then you are subject to paying a possible early termination fee and additional costs.

Car leases have a specified number of months such as 36 months that you agreed to when signing, so ending the car lease agreement means you are breaking a legally binding contract.

I have never ended a car lease early nor have I had client who have ended their car lease early so I cannot speak from personal experience. Of course circumstances happen to all of us causing you to have to consider ending the car lease early. Luckily you can now leverage services in which people will take over your car lease. There is still a fee to transfer a car lease, but it will certainly be less than breaking a car lease entirely.

Rather than try to calculate how much you would owe to break a car lease early, contact the financing company and simply ask. You might be in for a sticker shock.

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