What Is a Car Lease Acquisition Fee

The car lease acquisition fee is also known as a bank fee or assignment fee. The acquisition fee is a standard fee charged by leasing financing companies to arrange the lease and not charged by the dealerships. In other words, do not expect to be able to negotiate the acquisition fee.

However, make sure that you research the acquisition fee for the new car you are interested in to make sure that the dealership is not marking up this fee. Also, make sure that the fee is included in the lease contract or at least part of the final leasing numbers.

Acquisition fees again should be researched so you are not getting ripped off by dealership markups. Acquisition fees range from around $395 to $895. The wide range of acquisition fees really depends on the vehicle.

My average acquisition fee based on cars I have leased myself or helped others lease have been $595.

Dealerships do not have control of this acquisition fee that is passed on to them, but again, make sure you research the acquisition fee.

As the customer leasing the car, you have the option of paying the acquisition fee up front as part of the drive off cost or rolling the acquisition fee into the monthly payment. I have always paid or suggested paying the acquisition fee up front rather than roll into the monthly payment.

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